Huntington Beach High School Aquatic Boosters

HB Oilers Boy's Swim Team




Dear Oiler Families,


During the 2024 season there will be many opportunities to volunteer!  This season the team is hosting 5 home meets.  To host a successful swim meet, the team relies on parent volunteers for timing in all lanes, snack bar donations and volunteering in the snack bar.  In addition to the volunteers needed at the home swim meets, there will be additional opportunites during the season for families to host team dinners, and at the conclusion of the season, to help out with the team banquet. Family involvement is important in order to have a successful season.  Please consider attending one, or all, of the Oilers ABC board meetings held monthly at 7pm, in the team room, on the pool deck.  The board meeting schedule for the remainder of the season is posted below.  We look forward to seeing everyone on deck!

Thank you!

Robin Guard
Board Member/Girls Swim Liaison (714)875-2690

Robin Shaffer
Board Member/Boys Swim Liaison (714)269-3918

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Preparation/Expectations for Swim Meets

  • It is expected that all athletes will be available for all swim meets. However, things happen, so always notify the coaches BEFORE missing any meet.
  • A swimmer must attend practice the day before a meet.  Missing practice the day before a meet will cause a swimmer to be scratched from events, or the entire meet, unless the absence is pre-approved.
  • A swimmer must attend school for the entire day to participate in a meet that day unless the absence is pre-approved.
  • A swimmer must wear the HB Swim Team polo to school the day of the swim meet.
  • A swimmer must be behind the blocks for each of their races. Missing an event during a meet may cause a swimmer to be scratched from 1) a relay, 2) an event at the next meet, or 3) the entire next meet.
  • Bus/Transportation:
    • Be on time to the pool deck before every swim meet at the required time.
    • All swimmers must take the bus TO the swim meet.
    • You are to take the bus back to school, unless you have completed and returned the Transportation Permission.
    • When busses are used for transportation, they will be left cleaner than we found them.
      • If you are able to go home with your Parent/Guardian from a meet, you are required to stay until your coaches have officially excused you.  It is expected you will stay to the very end to support your team, and help clean up your area.
      • Failure to check in with your coach before leaving a swim meet could result in removal from the next swim meet.
  • Gear to Wear/Bring:
    • Bring warm clothing, towels, and shoes – as well as proper gear for the meet: proper team suit, black caps, and goggles.  Extras of everything will be beneficial.
    • Bring snacks and water for before, during, and after meet.  You need to be well fed to perform well!
  • Home Swim Meets:
    • When we have home meets, you will be REQUIRED to help set up and collapse the meets.  Please check in with your coach when you arrive to be assigned specific tasks.
    • You will be prepared to warm-up at the required time given by your coaches.
  • Missing Events:
    • If you miss an event at a swim meet, you face possible removal from the next swim meet.


  • When you finish a race, remain in the water until all competitors have also finished the race, and official blows whistle to exit pool. 
  • Wish your opponents and teammates luck before stepping up, and congratulate them on a job well done before exiting water 
  • If in a relay, kneel down or stay behind timers on the start, and stay behind the lane and cheer on your team, during the entire race. 
  • Athletes are not to deck change. If an official finds you deck changing, you will be disqualified from the entire meet. 
  • Have caps and goggles on and ready before stepping onto the block, or into the water. 
  • Do not climb up onto the block until you hear the long whistle. The short whistles are to call you up behind the blocks. 
  • Stay out of the way of the meet official and lane timers. 
  • Always check in with a coach after a race. If you are in a relay, it is the responsibility of the team to determine if they check in before or after warming down, but you must all come together
  • Remain positive towards teammates and opponents. There is no room for negativity, nor foul language on the pool deck.